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RetroUI Start Replacement Gets a New Update

While I personally find Windows 8’s new Start UI quite useful now that I’ve become accustomed to it, some users simply want what they are familiar with. This is especially true in the enterprise world. Although there

RetroUI now brings back the Start Menu/Button in Windows 8 AND Server 2012

Thinix, the company that gave you RetroUI is now launching RetroUI for Windows Server 2012 as well. An overview of  Windows Server 2012 since not everyone is familiar with it yet: Server 2012 has no Start Button

RetroUI are bringing the Start Menu/Button to Windows Server 2012

Thinix, the company that brought you RetroUI have done it again. This time, for Windows Server 2012. The situation with Windows Server 2012 goes this way: Server 2012 has no Start Button or Start Menu, just like

RetroUI Returns the Task Bar and Start Menu to Windows 8

After hundreds of articles in various publications, many of them critical, the truth is that there’s still a large number of Windows 8 users that miss the old Task Bar and Start Menu of ‘legacy’ Windows OSs.

RetroUI gets yet Another Big Update, Adds Multi-Monitor Support

Remember right before Thanksgiving when we mentioned that the Windows 8 Start menu replacement program RetroUI had received a big update? It seems that they have yet another version ready to go with even more changes and additional support.

FREE Software – Thinix is giving away 5 licenses of RetroUI Pro

It’s been a while since we’ve given out free software here but today I bring good news. The good folks at Thinix, the makers of RetroUI have kindly provided me with 5 FREE RetroUI Pro licenses for

A fresh way to bypass the Windows 8 Modern UI – RetroUI by Thinix

A few days ago, I spoke about the fact that I thought Microsoft made a very big tactical error by removing the start menu from the Windows 8 desktop. I said that there were a bunch of

Turn Windows 8 into a OS X look-alike with new UI mod

Are you considering Windows 8, but haven’t yet made the switch? What is holding you back? With such a low upgrade price, it probably isn’t cost for most of us. Instead, the root of the issue is

RetroUI Provides Start UI Alternative, Now Receives New Update

For those that are looking for a way to get all the greatness of Windows 8 without the learning curve that comes with, RetroUI is often billed as one of the best ways to do it. Unlike