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My review of the Surface Pro 3

So I have spent some time with a Surface Pro 3 and thought a review would make some sense. As people who have read this blog for a while know, I reviewed the Surface Pro and Surface

Joanna Stern reviews the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Good Stuff

I saw this online and had to post it. Great review of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 from Joanna Stern at the Wall Street Journal. In her words.. Yes, Microsoft is confident that—with a larger, higher-resolution 12-inch

Very Interesting – Lets talk about Pokki – bringing web based applications to the desktop

So this is something a little (lot) different. Even though this blog is focused like a laser on Windows 8, I came across a company and a product that you might just want to check out. The

Paul Thurrott demos windows 8 on Windows IT Pro Insider

I found this video online that you guys might be interested in. Paul Thurrott is a veteran Windows 8 tech journalist and analyst and his analysis is usually very good. In this video, Paul Thurrott demonstrates Windows 8

Why does Fox News hate Windows 8?

Obviously, it’s my job to stay on top of this new Operating System and as a reporter, I consume huge amounts of Windows 8 news every day. A couple of weeks ago, I came across this article

A Look into the Windows 8 Developer Preview

After Microsoft’s BUILD conference last week, Microsoft 8 seems to be all the rave. Developers have stated that it is as good as Windows 7 in many ways, but that in comparison Windows 8 is highly ambitious.

Windows 8: Can it Get Any Better Than This Newest Windows Operating System?

Last week, a slew of software designers and journalists in Anaheim, California were treated to a preview of Windows’ latest operating system – Windows 8. Many of these software designers and journalists, along with major news networks

Microsoft Gets a Thumbs-up from all directions

Microsoft has always marched at the beat of its own drum, but now that smartphones and tablets dawn the decline of the PC era, it just has to leverage with the trend. Otherwise, it will continue to

HP Touchpad – um no thanks…

So I came across a very interesting review of the HP Touchpad..the potential Ipad competitor from HP. What’s funny is the way the reviewer seems so disappointed by what she saw.. The HP TouchPad tips the scales

Lets take a look at the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

So we’ve had a chance to see what Apple has up it’s sleeve in form of the iCloud and all that. We have a good idea what Microsoft is up to with Windows 8 so lets take