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Microsoft Launches Office 365 Roadmap, First Release Channel

My, how times change! The Office division pretty much always played second fiddle to the Windows side of the business for Microsoft, but it has recently become the company’s number one cash cow. It comes as no

Skype To Increase Focus On Performance And Enhanced Video Quality

Microsoft’s popular VoIP platform, Skype, is now playing an integral role in the company’s future plans. And speaking of future, Redmond has recently outlined the general roadmap for future improvements for the communication platform. In a new

Leaked Huawei Document Points At New Windows Phone 8 Smartphones

That Chinese telecom giant Huawei plans big things for the Windows Phone platform is known to all. The company has made clear its intentions of popularizing the platform across multiple emerging markets, along with countries like China

Can AMD Do Better With X86 In The Mobile World Than Intel Has So Far?

As we recently discussed in another post, AMD has now affirmed that it too is interested in joining the crowded world of tablet/smartphone processor manufacturers with a new x86 line, the 4.5-watt Hondo, a combination GPU/CPU. The

AMD updates product roadmap, announces ultra-low power processors for tablets

AMD has updated it’s product roadmap. The updates seem to indicate a renewed focus on Tablets. To this end, they are adding a new part, the 4.5-watt “Hondo” ULP accelerated processing unit (APU) – a CPU/GPU combo. “We

Qualcomm leaked roadmap gives Windows 8 clues

In light of the fact that Windows 8 is coming soon, there is a lot of movement in the chip industry. posted a PDF document that appears to describe the roadmap of a range of Qualcomm

Interesting New Windows 8 roadmap

Mary Jo Foley just wrote a blog post where she kills 3 birds with one stone. She talks about and shows (below) a new roadmap for Windows 8 development: What’s interesting to me is how closely this

Roadmap for Windows 8 Server – 2012

Stephen Chapman from msftkitchen has posted a crapload of roadmap diagrams on his site. They seem to indicate the release of Windows 8 Server in 2012. What’s funny is he seems to find these roadmaps from very