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Dona Sarkar Talks What’s Next For The Windows Insider Program

Keeping the fire burning! One of the big successes for Microsoft in recent times is the Windows Insider Program, the popular preview program for the operating system with millions upon millions of users. Last we heard, there

Leaked Roadmap Shows Windows 8.1 Update 3 Is Coming

A disclaimer, first. I am a big fan of product roadmaps. They provide wholesome information about what’s coming next. Windows 8.1 Update 3, for Microsoft, it seems is now on the horizon. This is, according to a

Intel CPU Roadmap Leaked, Broadwell And Skylake Coming In 2015

This year has been a somewhat hot and cold for Intel. On one hand the chip giant made some strides on the mobile front with successes like the Atom Bay Trail and the just announced Core M

Intel Plans To Release Moorefield And Airmont In The Second Half Of 2014

Another Intel CPU roadmap has been leaked, and shows that the chip giant is ready to unleash its Moorefield and Airmont lineup of processors before the end of the year. The company is also preparing some desktop

Leaked Intel Roadmap Reveals Big Plans For The Tablet Market

Some would claim that right now the Atom chips are Intel’s main focus. And judging by what the world famous processor maker is planning, they would not be too far off in their claim. While desktop processors

Leaked Intel 2014 Roadmap Reveals Several New Mobile Chips

Intel may have been inside in the past, but as far as the mobile revolution is concerned, the chip giant finds itself relatively outside of it. Intel processing solutions have been overly overtaken by ARM based SoCs

Skype To Increase Focus On Performance And Enhanced Video Quality

Microsoft’s popular VoIP platform, Skype, is now playing an integral role in the company’s future plans. And speaking of future, Redmond has recently outlined the general roadmap for future improvements for the communication platform. In a new

Leaked Huawei Document Points At New Windows Phone 8 Smartphones

That Chinese telecom giant Huawei plans big things for the Windows Phone platform is known to all. The company has made clear its intentions of popularizing the platform across multiple emerging markets, along with countries like China

Leaked Documents reveal more info about Xbox 720

There were rumors that Microsoft is planning to come up with a new generation of Xbox and the documents that are leaked on the net are proving this. A newly leaked document of 56 pages have put

Confidential Fujitsu Windows 8 Roadmap leaks

Another “confidential” roadmap has leaked from a manufacturer – this time it’s by Fujuitsu, this map showing off tablets galore. This map shows several new items, in fact, with two Android Slates coming up along with two