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Windows 8 Nifty Connection Features That You Cannot Miss

The preview of Windows 8 last week took the world by storm. However, amidst all the puff and excitement, people seem to have look past…


Windows Live Skydrive Wave 5 overhauled – in time for Windows 8

Great catch from As you know, there is intense speculation that Windows 8 will have roaming profiles that are synced with the cloud. That way, you…


Windows Live accounts will be used for roaming profiles in Windows 8

My thanks to sCooBy^ at MDL Forums for this. In previous articles, there was some ambiguity about what kind of Cloud Computing accounts would…


More proof of Windows 8 Cloud Integration

Credit to They recently came up with more proof of Windows 8 and Cloud integration. The image has two options one to link an Online ID…


Windows 8 Roaming Cloud Profiles

So one of the things that everyone has really been excited about is the potential for Windows 8 to have a Cloud Computing angle. On this…