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The one BIG advantage Windows 8 Tablets will have over all Apple iPads

I ordered the new iPad on the launch date a week ago and can’t wait to get it in the mail. It has a lot of cool cutting edge technology and will undoubtedly be the standard for

Signing in to Windows 8 with a Windows Live ID

Microsoft have taken some time on their Windows Blog to explain how signing in to Windows 8 across multiple computers with a Windows Live ID will work. They acknowledge that users have wanted to see true Windows

Windows 8 Nifty Connection Features That You Cannot Miss

The preview of Windows 8 last week took the world by storm. However, amidst all the puff and excitement, people seem to have look past a really cool feature – the online log-in method. This connection will

Windows Live Skydrive Wave 5 overhauled – in time for Windows 8

Great catch from As you know, there is intense speculation that Windows 8 will have roaming profiles that are synced with the cloud. That way, you can pretty much take your profile with you from PC

Windows Live accounts will be used for roaming profiles in Windows 8

My thanks to sCooBy^ at MDL Forums for this. In previous articles, there was some ambiguity about what kind of Cloud Computing accounts would be used for roaming profiles in Windows 8. It seems like it’s settled

More proof of Windows 8 Cloud Integration

Credit to They recently came up with more proof of Windows 8 and Cloud integration. The image has two options one to link an Online ID for this and other computer and another to open a

Windows 8 Roaming Cloud Profiles

So one of the things that everyone has really been excited about is the potential for Windows 8 to have a Cloud Computing angle. On this blog, I have said several times that you need to be