Robert Kegel


My issues with Windows 8 on my PC

I had to go back to Windows 7 on my desktop PC. Not because I don’t like Windows 8, but because I was having a freezing…


My thoughts on the Windows 8 and Windows Phone line up

I’d thought I’d write an article on my thoughts of the Windows 8 and Windows Phone lineup. Generally I’m pleased with what I see that’s…


A response to Gabe Newell’s new complaint on Windows 8

This is a guest post by Robert Kegel. Gabe Newell is at it again. Last time he seemed scared that Windows 8 would cut into Steams…


Guest Post – I Personally don’t miss Steve Jobs

Disclaimer: This article is my opinion only and not the opinion of If you want to yell at anyone, yell at me. I haven’t had…


Guest Post – My thoughts on Ubuntu vs Windows 8

This is a guest post authored by Robert Kegel. The other day I read an article on Zdnet where the author put Windows 8…


What I’d like to see in Windows 8 – Robert Kegel