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Windows 10 April 2018 Update Officially Announced

The big day is here. Or will be, Monday. And that is because Microsoft has officially announced the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, finally confirming both the name and the rollout. Nice name, by the way! This

Spring Creators Update Could Be Delayed Further

No end to the drama! The launch of the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update has turned into quite a disaster, as another release candidate build of the operating system is facing its own serious bug. This, after

Windows 10 Build 17134 Is Now The New Release Candidate

For the first time in forever we have two release candidates for a version of the operating system. Windows 10 build 17134 has made its way out to the Fast ring of the preview program. With talk

A New Windows 10 Spring Creators Update RTM Build Incoming

This looks severe. Serious, even! This week as an interesting one. The Windows 10 Spring Creators Update that was expected to launch on April 10 was delayed, without a hint at that. Microsoft had been testing build

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Delayed

Food for thought: Is something delayed when it’s not even announced? Wait, don’t answer that. But word on the street is that the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update has been delayed. By a bit. Although we had

Microsoft Explains The Slow Rollout Of The Fall Creators Update

Or gradual rollout, as the company prefers to call it. If you have been waiting for the update notification for the recently released Fall Creators Update, then rest assured, that you are one of many. And that’s

Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update Has Already Launched

But if you are not one of the lucky few in Finland, you may start seeing the update notification for the Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update on your handset later this week. And that’s because open

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Launches

It’s here. Right on track, Microsoft has officially released the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which is now the latest version of the operating system that brings with it a host of new additions. Redmond made the

A Third Of Windows 10 Users Still Don’t Have The Creators Update

Say, what’s up with this very slow rollout? It has been months since the Creators Update rollout began, but a large portion of Windows 10 users are still waiting to be offered the update. From April till

Everyone Now Has Access To Windows 10 Creators Update

As in, this new version of Windows 10 is now fully available to all users. Except for those that are rocking PCs that cannot be upgraded to this shiny new flavor of the operating system. The software