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Windows 10 October 2018 Update Releases Date Set?

If you have been wondering about the status of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, then wonder no more. We have some new intelligence on the release date of this next major version of the OS. And

Intel Ups The Ante With Coffee Lake Core i3 Processor

Looks like the chip giant is feeling the heat. AMD Ryzen processors have brought some serious competition to the market, and the Coffee Lake CPUs are picking up improvements left and right. Basically, Intel was getting away

Rumor: Microsoft to appoint new CEO in the next month

OK so I usually dont do these because I think they’re usually whacky but this time I got 2 different sources so here goes. THIS IS JUST A RUMOR – I HAVE NO INDEPENDENT CORROBORATION A couple

Skype Could Be Integrated In Windows 8.1 Final Instead Of The Messaging App

Boy, talk about a short lifecycle. If you have installed Windows 8.1 Preview you may probably have noticed that something is amiss — the Messaging app is missing from the Start Screen. When Windows 8 launched last

Metro Microsoft Office Expected To Come To Windows 8.1 In 2014

The future, in case you were not aware, is Metro. Microsoft is betting big on touch usage of computing devices, and all its latest operating systems are a testament to its belief in this philosophy. Microsoft even

Microsoft To Offer Web Version Of Xbox Music After Windows 8.1 Launch

It is remarkable to think that Windows 8 is more than just another operating system. For Microsoft at least, it has been a brand new platform, from day one, to build upon. Almost everything in the new

New Metro Apps Go Live Ahead Of Windows Blue Preview

We are nearing the launch of the public preview version of Window Blue (Windows 8.1), and Microsoft is reportedly publishing new apps in the Windows Store ahead of the anticipated launch. Some unofficial reports are suggesting that

Microsoft Said To Be Preparing Heavily Subsidized Surface RT Tablet

The Surface RT is one Microsoft product that has been in the news these past few weeks, for, shall we say, reasons good and bad. While some hardware vendors have expressed their discontent at the Windows RT

Leaked Photo Confirms October Launch Date For Windows 8.1

While we have had several reports and rumors regarding the new and improved features of Windows 8.1, one thing that has varied a lot is the release date of the operating system. But now we have another

Microsoft Again Shows Interest In Acquiring Nokia’s Handset Division

Well, well, well. This is one of the more interesting of reports that have recently come out regarding the Redmond technology company. It is said that Microsoft once again tried to take over Nokia’s phone manufacturing business.