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Windows Phone 8.1 Going Through Internal Testing At Microsoft

Even though its development seems to have skipped a few beats, Microsoft is currently hard at work on Windows Phone 8.1, the next major refresh of Windows Phone. Codenamed Windows Phone Blue, this new upgrade to the

Microsoft Reportedly Testing Second Generation Surface Tablets

The thing about a devices and services concept is that a company has to regularly update its hardware offerings. Regularly in this case being annually — hardware is an awfully competitive field, after all. And while Microsoft

Second Half Of 2013 May Turn Out To Be Rather Slow For Touchscreen Makers

It is no secret that Microsoft wants to see a notable increase in touchscreen capable devices that can be powered by its Windows 8 platform. But the technology titan may have to settle for tablets, as things

HP And Toshiba Gear Up To Release High Resolution Notebooks

Ah, the winds of change. Computer displays have been stuck in third gear for far too long, and worse yet, displays on notebooks took even took things a gear down, leaving technology enthusiasts in sheer bewilderment. Forget

HTC Said To Be Gearing Up To Launch Zara, A Mid-Range Windows Phone

The mid-range market is where the numbers are at — at least as far as the Windows Phone platform is concerned. All four Windows Phone manufacturers are well aware of this fact, and Nokia in particular seems

Lenovo Rumored To Launch A 1080p, Quad-Core Windows Phone This Year

An overwhelming portion of the success of the Windows Phone platform can be attributed to two companies, Microsoft and Nokia. While there are other hardware vendors in the mix, not to mention app developers, but it has

Intel Rumored To Retire The Atom Brand Name Soon

There were rumors on this before, but now it appears increasingly likely that Intel will drop the Atom brand name in the very near future. Not the architecture, mind you, just the brand name. The chip giant

Rumor Says Windows 8.1 Has Gone RTM, Will Be Handed To OEMs On August 16

Microsoft has already confirmed that it plans to release the final RTM version of Windows 8.1 to OEMs on one fine August morning. General availability of the operating system should follow soon after that. A new rumor

Nokia Rivendale Codename Floats Up, New Lumia Handset?

What is today, the unofficial Nokia stories day? After the news of an unannounced Nokia Lumia 625 getting certified in China earlier in the day, it appears that a new Nokia rumor has popped up. Not much

4.7-Inch Nokia Lumia 625 Smartphone Shows Up In China

It has been mere days since Nokia unveiled its new flagship Windows Phone handset, the premium Lumia 1020, but now it appears that the Finnish telecom giant is readying another Lumia smartphone. This mysterious device is yet