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Microsoft Executive Hints At Surface Phone

Even though Microsoft has been quite cryptic about the Surface Phone as a whole, we do occasionally get comments from company officials, as well as the odd patent detail that reveal what’s cooking. So much so that

No Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 For Existing Devices

Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Unconfirmed, but comes from a reliable sources. The news that Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 will not be released for existing devices. Instead, Redmond only plans to make it

Microsoft To Shut Down Two Plants In China, 9,000 Affected

The Chinese Odyssey continues for Microsoft. Since the Nokia acquisition, the technology titan has been gradually cutting jobs and releasing its surplus workforce. No surprises here, considering they got nearly 25,000 employees from the Nokia deal. Microsoft

Microsoft Launching At Least Three New Phones At MWC 2015

We can always hope for more surprises, but three will do for now. MWC 2015 is fast approaching, with the anticipated trade fair about to take place in Barcelona from March 2 to 5. Microsoft will obviously

Microsoft Preparing Another 4-Inch Windows Phone

Redmond seems to have found a sweet spot with the 4-inch Windows Phone idea when it comes to pricing, and the company is reportedly readying another such device. Word is that a new handset has been spotted,

Microsoft Said To Be Working On A Cheaper Lumia 830

How do you make an affordable flagship even cheaper? Microsoft seems to know the trick. Lumia 830 is a fine piece of hardware from Redmond, but a new version of the flagship is incoming. No surprises that

Leaked Microsoft Lumia 1330 Photos Are All About The Size

Size matters, at least for phablets it does. Microsoft Lumia 1330 looks all set to continue the tradition of large screen Windows Phone devices, and interest in the device continues to grow. Recent leaks claim that the

Microsoft Readying A New 5-Inch Windows Phone Handset

A flagship? Nah, not with a 720p display. Microsoft seems set on not launching premium Windows Phone handsets until the next version of its mobile operating platform has taken shape. And this is a strategy that has

Lumia 1330 Specifications Leaked, Phablet Incoming

Redmond surely wants to expand its new Microsoft Lumia brand, and the Lumia 1330 has already been spotted in the wild, as the successor to the popular Lumia 1320 smartphone. Or well, phablet, if you prefer. There

Microsoft Actually Cancelled Two Secret Windows Phones

McLaren and McQueen? Who’d have thought! We have known for a while that Redmond was cooking up to new high end Windows Phones. They were, of course, cancelled before release. Dubbed the Nokia McLaren, this was expected