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Windows XP ATMs Being Hacked Simply By Pressing Shift Key

Windows XP is probably the worst operating system to power an ATM, considering the fact Microsoft has now retired it, several vulnerabilities are floating around for it, with no new updates in sight. And yet, many banks

Microsoft Gives Up Operations In Russia Due To New Law

Microsoft, along with a host of other technology companies are taking an exit stage left from Russia, amid the new law requested by President Vladimir Putin has come into action. Nothing new, and there have been several

Week In Review (Sep 15 – Sep 19)

Another week that was unequivocally all about Windows 9. Microsoft may not have said a thing about the next versions of its operating system, but details leaked hard, and they leaked fast. Speaking of details, we also

Russia Purchased Just 7 Windows Licenses Between July And August

Talk about unyielding intentions! Russia, along with China, is one of the few countries that is slowly shifting away from Microsoft software, at least on government PCs. As a result, the country has placed fewer orders for

Russia On Track To Move Away From Microsoft Software

And the government is showing no signs of slowing down from blacklisting computing technology from American companies. Microsoft software, of course, included. Idiosyncratic times, dead ahead. This is not the first time we are hearing about Russia

Week In Review (Jul 21 – Jul 25)

July 22 was the big day this week. Microsoft announced the quarterly earnings, and although the company took hits in a few areas, performance, more or less was encouraging in the fields that mattered. The rest of

Vladimir Putin Signs Law Forcing Companies To Store Data Locally

Another controversy singed? Or is this just a glimpse into the future? Russian president has just signed into effect a law that is sure to make things difficult for foreign companies. Foreign Internet companies, in particular. Russia

Russia Plans To Move Away From Microsoft Software

First China. Then South Korea. And now Russia. The Russian government has been in the news these past few months for a variety of reasons, and now you can add another one to the list. Basically, politics

Russia Inching Closer To Banning Online Services That Don’t Store Data Locally

The country has just passed a bill that would allow the government to ban any and all online services that do not store personal data of Russian users on local servers. And if this is not enough,

Two More Countries Added To Microsoft Bribery Probe

You may recall that back in March it emerged that the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) were looking into report of bribery for software contracts. Authorities began probing Microsoft for