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Microsoft Surface is on sale for $199

OK so this is a deal that everyone who wants to take a Microsoft tablet for a spin needs to check out. Microsoft have dropped the price of the first generation Microsoft Surface tablet to $199.  

DrivePop Halloween Cloud Software Sale

Just wanted to touch base with you about a sale from one of our Sponsors DrivePop. What is DrivePop? DrivePop is an online cloud backup solution for PC’s or Macs that enables you to keep your precious

Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are now available for preorder!

Sweet! As Microsoft told us they would be, the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets are now available for pre-order with an expected ship date of October 21st. You’ll be able to get the Surface

Microsoft Discount Sees Windows 8 Devices Getting Cheaper

While Microsoft is yet to announce this new strategy, word is that the company has put in place a major discount campaign for Windows 8 devices, as it tries to bring more affordable units to market in

Windows 8 on sale at Office Max for $29.99— With a Catch

With a downloadable copy of Windows 8 Pro costing just $39.99, it’s hard to imagine a price lower than that. Even so, Office Max has decided to give it a try. This Black Friday it will sell

Microsoft Surface pricing leaked… by Microsoft?

One of the articles I wrote today is about how Windows RT devices are going to cost a bit too much, which might make them less appealing to new consumers. I felt that RT is a somewhat

Microsoft Surface will be sold in major retail outlets early next year

The rumor mill is buzzing that the Microsoft Surface will be sold at traditional outlet stores early in 2013. The rumor mill states that Best Buy will be part of that equation. No absolute dates though. Stay

Official Windows 8 page has surfaced on Amazon – pun intended

Guess what popped up on our radar? A Windows 8 Amazon page. It seems like the good folks at Microsoft are getting ready for the launch of Windows 8 and Amazon is definitely going to be a

Bill Gates Sells Off 90 Million Microsoft Shares

In a move that’s sure to inspire confidence (sarcasm), Bill is taking his money out of Microsoft and heading elsewhere… As Information Week reports, Gates has reduced his stock holdings by 13 percent, with ten million shares