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Samsung ATIV Smart PC – Windows 8 Tablet Laptop Hybrid – Video

Another reveal from the AT&T event in New York. The Ativ Smart PC is another tablet that runs Windows RT. The Ativ Smart PC uses Intel’s next-generation Atom CPUs — code-named Clover Trail — and packs 2GB

Samsung provides us with a glimpse of their new tablet

The show must go on. Samsung has posted a beautifully done teaser on its Facebook page. The teaser has an image of a new tablet that seems to be one that it will be launching at IFA,

Samsung shows off a Windows 8 Series 5 Ultrabook/Tablet Hybrid

At Computex 2012, Samsung aren’t being left out of the battle to demo cool Windows 8 stuff. They showed off a prototype Series 5 Hybrid PC with a magnetic dock that runs Windows 8. Samsung isn’t revealing

Samsung provide Windows 8 support to Samsung Series 7 slate owners

Samsung have created a section on their website that will provide full Windows 8 Consumer Preview support for their Series 7 Slate. Of course it comes with all the full disclaimers regarding the installing of beta software.

Competition – Tell us why you’re excited about Windows 8 and win a Samsung Series 7 Slate!

So there’s obviously been a lot of discussion on the web about Windows 8. We’ve heard that a lot of people love what they have seen so far with both the Developer Preview and the Consumer Preview.

Windows 8 Tablet – Review: Samsung Series 7 Slate

There are many different kinds of users when it comes to tablets, and part of the battle is finding the one that is right for you. Some users are looking for a very casual experience for checking

Will Windows 7 Tablets Be Discounted When Windows 8 Arrives On Scene?

Most of you out there that are interested in Windows 8 tablets are likely considering a new machine that runs an ARM processor. ARM isn’t as fast as x86 but it has better battery life and doesn’t

Samsung’s on board for Windows 8 in 2012

In a duhhh! moment, Bloomberg is reporting that Samsung Electronics Co. will sell tablets and PC’s using Windows 8 in the second half on 2012. This was confirmed by Uhm Kyu Ho, head of sales and marketing at Samsung’s personal-computer business

Samsung claim that they are providing the tablets demoed at the BUILD conference

According to a report in the Korea Economic Daily, Samsung is building a tablet running Windows 8. In addition, the publication states that the tablet will make an appearance at Microsoft’s BUILD conference in Anaheim, Calif., which is scheduled

The death of print and the rise of tablets – sad but necessary

This evening at the mall with my family, we saw that Borders (the bookstore) was going out of business. For those outside of the US, Borders was a really cool chain of bookstores that always had the