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Microsoft Employees Irked By Regular Internal Changes

Everyone has a breaking point, I guess. Microsoft employees usually have an easygoing attitude with whatever top level changes the company goes through. Usually. But it appears that their feelings are mixed regarding the ongoing reorganization. Former

Microsoft Loves Linux, Says Satya Nadella

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is an interesting character. All his public appearances are remarkably well conducted, almost all of them. And noteworthy comments are pretty much a given from him. Unlike his predecessor, Steve Ballmer, for

Satya Nadella Envisions A Microsoft That Is Loved By Users

No big secret that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has put consumers at core of everything the company does. And now he is putting into motion some future plans for Redmond. In a new interview, the company chief

Nadella Sends New Memo, Talks Inclusion And Diversity

Satya Nadella made a bit of a faux pas, a gaffe of sorts when at the Grace Hopper Celebration where he spoke on the topic of gender pay gap and how big companies are working to close

Analyst: Microsoft Should Split Into Three Different Companies

Splitting up seems to be all the rage at the moment. Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer kicked off a companywide reorganization plan last year and asked for a new approach. A new approach that puts the focus

Surface Is Here To Stay, Says Satya Nadella

It’s not often one gets statements like this straight from the top, but I guess, unfounded rumors have their effects. Even the Surface lineup can feel the negative perceptions from hit or miss sources. Case in point

Office 365 Is Our Most Strategic API, Says Satya Nadella

Nothing new that we’ve not heard before, but it still is good to hear it from the higher ups. Office 365, Microsoft’s CEO says, is their most strategic API. And with good reasons too. Profits are not

New Book Claims Stephen Elop Was Just A Bad CEO For Nokia

Stephen Elop had a pretty thankless job when he took charge of Nokia as CEO. His association with Microsoft and the decision of adopting Windows Phone 7 however made it even more thankless. Technology circles started calling

Bill Gates Is Overseeing Office 16 Development

Bill Gates returned to Microsoft in a much more active role earlier this year, right around the time when the new CEO Satya Nadella took charge. But the man who founded the software titan, is more involved

Microsoft CEO Discusses Antitrust Dispute With Chinese Officials

Microsoft is having a bit of a torrid time in China, after being named in the group of companies that are currently being investigated for antitrust issues in the country. And as we learned late last month,