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New Screenshot leak in Windows 8.1 Update 1 – Windows features

Wow.. this is interesting. WZOR just tweeted a new screenshot of what looks like an existing feature in Windows 8.1 Update 1. He tweeted a panel called Windows Features in Windows 8.1 Update CSLA Build: 6.3.9600.16606.140126-2042. It’s just a

Windows 8.1 To Bring Improved Touchpad Customization

Another Windows 8.1 improvement seems to be heading over way. The new update is already high on enhancements and new features, and each passing day seems to bring new ones to light. This short tweet by AngelWZR

Rumor: Windows Blue Could Launch As Windows 8.1

What’s in a number, you ask? Development on Windows Blue is underway full steam over at Microsoft, and the company very recently confirmed the companywide Blue initiative in an official statement. But the thing with companywide initiatives

Windows 9 Build Spotted In The Wild

Oh boy, remember all the days when Windows 8 screenshots (and builds) leaked out in the media regularly? Well, we may be a (country) mile away from a build leak, but a screen grab of the in-development

New Leaked screenshot of Windows 8 Store RTM

You’re looking at what is allegedly the first screenshot of the RTM’ed Windows Store. Seems to be the same as the Windows 8 Release Preview to me with maybe just a few sharpened graphics. More to come….

New Windows 8 Screenshots – allegedly Build 8172

There have been a few new Windows 8 Beta or pre-Beta screenshots recently. These come from They actually seem pretty polished and refined which is a good thing. I’m getting excited about the Windows 8 Beta.

New taskmanager screenshot in Windows 8 Build 7959 x64/Server

The good folks at MDL forums have been poring over Windows * server x64 like vultures on a carcass. Here’s a screenshot from member 3ricky114. It shows the new taskmanager in Windows 8 Build 7959 x64/Server. Also.. some

New! More images of the Windows 8 PDF reader

It seems that Windows 8 Build 7955’s PDF Reader has more functionality than was realized. A scroll box and print dialog box are some of the new features that have been unearthed. Interesting…

Black Screen of death for Windows 8? are speculating that Microsoft may have switched from the Blue Screen of Death on prior operating systems to a Black Screen of death on Windows 8. The last time Microsoft used a Black Screen of death was in

Windows 8 Appstore screenshot leaked?

Microsoft’s Windows Appstore screenshots appear to have been leaked. The screenshots show Microsoft’s new application store for Windows. Cnbeta posted the screenshots today(Monday), however we are unable to confirm their authenticity at this time. The screenshots appear