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Week In Review (Apr 14 – Apr 18)

Normalcy resumed after the dizzying highs of the past few weeks in the world of Microsoft. The biggest news, obviously, being the release of Windows Phone 8.1, at least for users bold enough to grab it before

Is The Scroogled Campaign Finally Retired? Sure Looks Like It

Microsoft made many friend and a few enemies with its Scroogled campaign that was aimed against its immediate rival Google, but it now appears that the company has silently laid it to rest. The Scroogled campaign, ladies

UK Regulator Allows Microsoft To Air Scroogled Radio Ad

For those unaware, Pig Latin is a language game where players alter English language words according to a simple (or not so simple) predefined set of rules. Looks it up. It also recently featured in one of

Google Responds To Microsoft’s New Scroogled Clothing Line

Go back and take a look at the history of computing and you will find that it is filled with rivalries, large and small, in pretty much all domains, hardware, software and the web. Banter you will

You Can Now Buy Official Scroogled Mugs, Hats And T-Shirts

It has been a solid year or so since Microsoft kicked off its marketing efforts against Google. The Scroogled campaign launched with the intention of showing the world how the search engine company deals with the privacy

It Appears That Microsoft’s Scroogled Campaign Is Rather Effective

Microsoft sure seems to be have a field day churning out one Scroogled campaign after another. The search engine titan is, without doubt, Redmond’s most immediate competitor. But while it remains a very controversial attempt and one

Ballmer Slams Google, Says Competition Authorities Should Have A Look

Steve Ballmer made a bright and bold impression at Microsoft’s financial analyst meet up yesterday. His appearance had a mix of emotions, ranging from dreams to disappointments, promises to pans. In terms of panning, the Redmond CEO

Microsoft Relaunches Scroogled Campaign, This Time Targeting WiFi

If you have been wondering that it has been a while since we have heard something new on the Scroogled front, then stop wondering. Microsoft has just launched a new round of attack on Google. This time

Microsoft Launches New Scroogled Campaign Against Google Spam Ads

If you were wondering whether Scroogled was done and dusted, wonder no more. Microsoft and Google played nicely for a few months with collaboration on mobile apps and such, but the age old rivalry is alive and

Customers Who Choose Google Often End Up Unhappy, Says Microsoft

Boy, Microsoft seems to launch direct attacks on Google on almost weekly basis. This time the software titan has released a statement saying that its own services are bunch better than its rival based in Mountain View.