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Nokia Imaging SDK Along With SensorCore SDK Now Up For Grabs

Windows Phone developers just got a great new treat. Microsoft have released Nokia Imaging SDK and SensorCore SDK Beta for Lumia devices, giving third party apps access into the uniquely powerful capabilities of these devices. The former

Video Shows Windows Phone 8.1 Swype Keyboard Abilities, Watch Here

Tired of all the Windows Phone 8.1 updates? What, already? The fun is just starting! Microsoft opened up the SDK of the upcoming mobile operating system to developers recently, and details have been coming out at a

Users Will Be Able To Mute Conversations With Ease In Windows Phone 8.1

Ever had that irresistible desire to mute an ongoing conversation? Welcome to the club! Microsoft, it seems, is ready to bring this handy and useful ability to its mobile platform with Windows Phone 8.1. A new report

New Windows Phone 8.1 Features Include Apps On SD Card, Screen Recording

To say that Windows Phone 8.1 comes with a nice set of features is as overwhelming an understatement as any. Microsoft has thrown in everything (including the proverbial kitchen sink) in this long overdue update to its

Video Walkthrough Shows Windows Phone 8.1 Features, Watch Here

Yet to get you full fix of everything that is new in the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1? Well, you are in luck, because a detailed new video has popped up that shows off some of the new

Windows Phone 8.1 Supports VPN, SD Card Installs, Universal Apps, New YouTube App

Boy, this is hot! Microsoft recently sent invitations to developers to take part in Windows Phone 8.1 SDK testing, and even though the process is confidential, details have already leaked out on what this upcoming refresh brings.

Windows Azure SDK 2.2 Brings Impressive Visual Studio 2013 Integration

Microsoft recently released the latest version of its Windows Azure SDK, which brings around a number of requested features like support for Visual Studio 2013, and integrated sign-ins directly from Visual Studio 2013. The new update also

Windows Phone 7.8 SDK Released Ahead of OS Update

Yesterday, I wrote about Microsoft’s announcement stating Windows Phone 7.8 is on its way. Now Microsoft has now released the Windows Phone 7.8 SDK, enabling developers to get to work creating apps for the new platform and

Windows Phone 7.8 SDK Released, OS Update Set To Arrive Soon

As was widely expected, Microsoft has just released the Windows Phone 7.8 SDK for developers to get an idea of how their apps will look on the updated mobile operating system. If things go according to plan

New Windows Phone 8 SDK Emulator Screenshots

Our friends at Winunleaked have been very busy indeed. A whole bunch of Windows Phone 8 emulator screenshots hit the web today and they look pretty interesting. The screenshots show  a bunch of features that are currently