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New Bing Update Brings Conversation Capabilities Similar To Cortana

Microsoft’s search engine is getting smarter at a steady pace. The company regularly rolls out new updates for the service, and this new Bing update bring along the most expected of features. Yes, conversation capabilities similar to

Right To Be Forgotten Option Coming Soon To Bing

Bing will get a “Right to be Forgotten” option soon, Microsoft have once again reiterated. The company says that such a feature is currently in development, and details are being finalized. Exactly how soon it is implemented,

Bing Now Gets Access To Travel Time And Mileage Data

Microsoft is slowly catching up to Google when it comes to search service. The company has now added another useful feature to its Bing search engine that should make for an enhanced experience. This new feature follows

Bing Rewards – this actually makes sense

So a few months ago, I wrote this article about Yahoo and the need for them to branch out and start rewarding/incentivizing users to use their Search Engine. The article was called “Yahoo should pay you to

Bing iOS App Updated To 4.1.1

Microsoft continues to refine the Bing experience, not just on the search engine side of things, but everywhere else where the service is connected and integrated. The company has already highlighted the fact that Bing is built

Bing Gets A Modern Design With A Flat New Logo

As far as end users are concerned, Bing is perhaps the most important Microsoft product this side of Windows and Windows Phone. Even ahead of Office and Xbox, considering just how much attention Redmond pays to its

New Bing Contest Will Showcase User Photos On The Home Page

One contest a day is usually enough for fulfillment, but Microsoft has also kicked off a brand new contest for its search engine users. And it goes without saying that Redmond loves its Bing users something special.

Bing Is Not Quite A Verb Yet, Despite Microsoft’s Best Efforts

A large number of people, at least in the US, have recently made the switch to Bing. Part of this is because of Microsoft’s active efforts to promote its search engine. Statistics do confirm that its market

Bing Holds Its Market Share In July, Yahoo Search Slips A Bit

Microsoft sure is putting everything it has behind Bing to make its search engine a bona fide threat to Google. But while this much is clear that Bing is doing a lot better than before, it still

Microsoft Updates Bing For iOS To Version 4.0.2

Along with Windows and Windows Phone, Bing is one of the most important cornerstones for Microsoft’s long term future strategy, particularly on the consumer side of things. Redmond’s other units like Office, Azure and Xbox are going