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Microsoft Finally Launches Image Match Option For Bing Search

Google first introduced the image match feature on its search service some three years back, and now Microsoft has finally unleashed this important and highly usable feature on Bing. Bing Image Search has just received a new

Bing Holds Its Market Share In July, Yahoo Search Slips A Bit

Microsoft sure is putting everything it has behind Bing to make its search engine a bona fide threat to Google. But while this much is clear that Bing is doing a lot better than before, it still

UK Government Asks Microsoft To Help Block Adult Content In The Country

The United Kingdom has recently unveiled a brand new policy for online adult content in the country, with Prime Minister David Cameron outlining plans to set up family friendly filters to protect children that browse the web.

Bing Search Autosuggestions Receive A Revamp, New Categories Added

Bing, the direct competitor it is to Google’s undisputed search engine dominance, is increasingly staking its claim as a very viable alternative with regular roll outs of several innovative new features. The search service already includes a

Microsoft’s Online Division Has Lost $10.9 Billion Since 2005

Microsoft is said to be on the verge of major restructuring, with CEO Steve Ballmer widely expected by many to announce a brand new reorganization plan on Thursday. This new restructuring plan would integrate Bing and a

Analyst: Microsoft Should Sell Bing And Xbox To Facebook

Bing and Xbox are two of the most popular products from Microsoft, but an analyst has said in a new report that the technology titan would actually be better off without them. Talking to GeekWire, Rick Sherlund

Microsoft Says Google Is A Corporation Not Wearing Deodorant

Sure Redmond did not use the word outright, but what a senior executive said in a recent blog post is close enough to suggest that Microsoft thinks that the search engine giant stinks. This probably is one

Browsers Block Bing Due To Security Certificate Issues

Oh no, the dreaded security certificate issue popped up its ugly head once again! This time the victim is the Bing search engine that got blocked by web browsers over the weekend that essentially prevents users from

Releasing Microsoft Office on the iPad would be a disaster

I just wrote an article on Seeking Alpha that I think you might want to read. It basically talks about why it would be a bad idea disaster for Microsoft to release a full version of Office for

Major Update For Bing Maps With 121 TB Of Satellite Images

Can’t argue with 121 terabytes of data! Bing Maps along with the Windows 8 Map app both just received a major update that saw over 121 TB of satellite and Global Ortho imagery added to it, which