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The Secure Boot Watermark Bug On Windows 8.1 Is History, Thanks To Fix

Soon after the final retail version of Windows 8.1 was made available on the Windows Store, some users started reporting that they got an error message on their desktop, saying that ‘SecureBoot isn’t configured correctly’. The watermark

Linux Community Sues Microsoft Over Windows 8 Restrictions

Microsoft just can’t seem to catch a break. First it was the European Commission that handed a hefty fine to the company for failing to provide a browser ballot screen, and now Linux users are in on

Free Software Foundation rails against Windows 8 Secure Boot

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has started a campaign against the Secure Boot feature in Windows 8. Microsoft continue to insist that the feature is intended to keep unwanted and potentially malicious software off a system by

Windows 8 Secure Boot Technology

Windows 8 Secure Boot Technology How do you protect your operating system from malware while it is being loaded? How do you ensure that only genuine programs get access to the operating system? For years, attackers have