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Security Essentials Gets An Update To Fix Windows XP Bug

Microsoft might have retired Windows XP, with much fanfare, it must be said, but the company still had to take care of a couple of issues here and there. One of them, rather severe. An update that

Microsoft Security Essentials Is The Most Used Antivirus Solution In The World

In news that would surprise no one we have the confirmation that Microsoft Security Essentials is the number one antivirus program in the world, at least when it comes to usage. Research firm OPSWAT has just released

Maintaining Security Essentials Support Until July 2015 A Wise Move, Says Analyst

The day of reckoning for Windows XP users is fast approaching. April 8 is when Microsoft will release the final security patches for the old operating system, and after that the user base is on its own.

Microsoft Security Essentials 4.4 Now Out

If you have activated Microsoft Security Essentials as the first (or only) line of defense on your computer, then you will be pleased to know that the program just received a new update. Security Essentials version 4.4

Microsoft May Stop Updating Security Essentials On Windows XP

With most of its major product releases out of the way, Microsoft is shifting attention to another important upcoming event. The retirement of Windows XP is now a vital focus for Redmond. And the company is doing

Microsoft Reminds Everyone That Security Essentials Is A Basic Solution

Redmond has made some rather impressive strides when it comes to the security of its software products, and one cornerstone of this effort has been its antivirus and antimalware applications. In fact, up until now Microsoft has

Virus Definition Update Issue Shows Up On Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials has recently been praised in the media as solid defense against malware and computers viruses. But oddly though, the automated update option on Microsoft’s antivirus stopped working a few days ago. Clicking on the

Windows 8’s Antivirus Tops Security Test

Computer security has been an essential focus at Microsoft these past few years. While earlier versions of Window came with tame security, Windows Vista delivered a radical shift in protection. It has only gotten better from there,

Microsoft Security Essentials Loses Certification

Whoops! Microsoft Security Essentials became the only free antivirus software that failed to receive certification in a new round of tests over at AV-Test. All other antivirus programs received the certification — from paid software to free