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Microsoft Foresees Wearable Computers Within A Decade

If there is one thing Redmond is enamored with these days (besides hardware) is the future. Or should I say, future technologies, to be more specific. So much so that the company is bringing forward all kinds

The Future Of Voice, Touch, And Motion-Control In Windows 8

Recently, the iPhone 4S received tons of positive attention for one of its most impressive features, Siri. Apple’s new Siri technology allowed you to fully speak and have it converted to text message, navigate search engines through

Windows Video – using sensors and location in your Windows 8 applications

Yet another Microsoft video. Windows 8 provides many powerful ways to sense information about the user’s environment. Using this information, you can build an application that will adapt to their environment easily and seamlessly. This video will teach

Building and integrating sensor drivers in windows 8

Using Windows 8, you’re also able to take advantage of sensors. Windows provides support for developers and manufacturers to take full advantage of light, motion and other sensors. This video from the BUILD conference shows how manufacturers to integrate