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Windows Server 8 has hit build 8180

Windows Server 8 has hit build 8180. It seems to have a beta build date of January 9 as indicated by the full build string: 8180.0.WINMAIN.120109-1245_X64FRE_SERVER. The metro style interface is a little more refined but not

Windows 8 and Multi-Core Support

These days just about every computer on the market features at least two cores, even many Atom netbooks and even some tablets. The great thing about multiple core processing is the ability to do certain tasks more

Microsoft confirms Hyper-V functionality will be included in Windows 8

In a new post on the Microsoft Windows 8 development blog, Microsoft just confirmed that Hyper-V will in fact be included in Windows 8. A quote: In building Windows 8 we worked to enable Hyper-V, the machine

Windows Server 8 Technical Preview one week before BUILD

Microsoft has invited a select group of guests, including industry journalists, to a preview event for the next version of Windows Server – Windows Server 8. The event will take place September 8-10 at the Microsoft Campus

Microsoft allows a little look at Windows Server 8 – Video

Microsoft have released a video (in Silverlight) that gives a little insight into Windows Server 8. In this keynote, Robert Wahbe, Corporate Vice President, Server & Tools Marketing Group, shares insights that Microsoft has learned through this

Windows Server 8 and the private cloud

There has been talk about Windows Server 8 enabling the “private cloud”. I recently got some emails asking me to go into some detail about what the private cloud was so, let’s talk about it a little.

New Server Manager in x64 Windows 8 Server version 7959

Seems like Microsoft have made some substantial changes to Windows 8 Server’s Server Manager user interface. Looks like this is the beginning of screenshot leaks in Windows 8 Server. Windows 8 Server’s Server Manager eases the task

Windows 8 Server Manager – extensible roles

This one is cool too. Created prototype around role extensibility which is used as a proof of concept for the Win8 version of Server Manager. I guess we will be looking at the roles in Server Manager when