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Microsoft Silently Releases Final Version Of Service Pack 2 For Office 2010

For a company its size, Microsoft sure does like releasing some things very silently. The company launched a beta version of the second service pack for Office 2010 back in April. And earlier today, Redmond decided to

Microsoft: Windows 8.1 Is An Update, Not A Service Pack

The technology titan proved a lot of rumors right yesterday, after confirming that Windows Blue was just a codename for the upcoming upgrade, and it would hit the market as Windows 8.1. Microsoft also revealed that a

SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 Cumulative Update 3 Released

This is something that would interest Microsoft SQL Server users. The software giant has just released the third cumulative update for consumers who had already deployed Service Pack 1. The company recommends everyone to start their download

Windows Server 2012 Essentials Update Rollup 1 Announced

Windows Server 2012 just got its first major update. Microsoft has just announced, what it is calling the Update Rollup 1, and as the name implies, this is not just a collection of bug fixes — some

Reaction to Windows Blue

Wow. So I guess for the most part you guys and girls agree with me. I wrote an article yesterday discussing how The Verge’s characterization of Windows Blue as (potentially) yet another new OS had to be

Windows 8 could just be a Service Pack for Windows 7

The other day I read an article that raised the possibility of something that I hadn’t considered for Windows 8. Maybe Windows 8 could simply be a Service Pack for Windows 7. While that may (on the