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Windows XP Service Pack 4 Is Actually A Thing Now

Unofficial, of course. Remember all those unendorsed service packs for Windows 98 and 2000? Windows XP Service Pack 4 carries forward this tradition, and is now currently in its third beta. A release candidate is to be

Office 2013 Service Pack 1 Released

Even in this day and age there are some that prefer to wait until the first service pack is out for Microsoft products before deciding to make the plunge. This strategy is usually employed by companies and

Office 2013 Service Pack 1 Slated For Launch In Early 2014

If you thought Redmond was done with the concept of service packs for its products, think again. While Windows is now almost exclusively updated via Windows Update, other Microsoft products, particularly business solutions, occasionally receive service pack

Microsoft is focusing 100% on the Future, No Windows 7 Service Pack 2

Windows 8 is the future of Microsoft. It introduces a new UI that attempts to bridge the world of tablets and personal computers. It brings on the Windows Store ecosystem and helps push us away from the

Windows 8 Already Gets A Touch-Up Software Update

Traditionally, when Microsoft prepares its RTM version there isn’t much changes made for quite a while. Sure, there are updates that offer bug fixes and other minor changes, but that’s it. Breaking longstanding tradition, early Windows 8