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Microsoft Is Also Closing MSN TV On September 30

Redmond sure is one a bit of a closing spree lately. The recent retirements of several popular services surely seems like the technology titan is increasing its focus on things that matter. From Hotmail to TechNet and

Microsoft Officially Rolls Out A Web Based Version Of Xbox Music

Just as the rumor mill suggested, Microsoft has launched a web-based version of its Xbox Music service, which can be easily accessed by using any modern browser on the market. Word was that Redmond would debut a

Microsoft Decides To Shut Down The TechNet Subscription Service

Well, this was a bit sudden. Redmond has just announced that its will be pulling the plug off of its TechNet subscription service, and it will be officially retired on August 31. And customers who purchase (or

Hotmail And Suffer Worldwide Downtime

Microsoft is having a bit of a torrid time when it comes to reliability of its online services this year, it seems. It was only on February 1 this year when the last outage occurred, taking down

Is Microsoft Preparing A New Music Service?

More than once in the past I’ve talked about how I feel that Zune Media Player and the services it leverages, could be very important both for Windows 8. With Zune you have a rental system, a

Windows 8 Chatter video service?

Microsoft might be preparing a new video service inside Windows 8. It’s reportedly named “Chatter” Chatter even appears to have its own icon: References to “Chatter” have been discovered in early leaked builds of Windows 8. Forum users at