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Another Microsoft Online Service Shutting Down Soon

A number of Microsoft services got the ax in the last year or so, and now we can add another one to the list. The company has formally announced the decision to close the Bing Webmaster forums.

Gain Complete Control Over Your Network Traffic With NetBalancer

SeriousBit has recently launched the final release of their NetBalancer service, which allows users to completely control, monitor and manage their network traffic. The service was available as a beta up until now. In addition to balancing

Windows Azure Gets A Ton Of New Features, Including Hard Drive Import Export

They say software and cloud are the two most important things Microsoft that focuses on, and when it comes to it cloud offerings, Redmond rarely, rarely disappoints. The company has just launched a massive set of improvements

Microsoft Ready To Take On Streaming Services With Xbox Music Expansion

One area that several technology circles have criticized Microsoft in is that the technology titan has not been much of a pioneer in the past few years. Some may go even as far as saying that the

SMS services may exist in Windows 8

In another interesting scoop from Redmond Pie, Microsoft  are allegedly planning to install SMS services in Windows 8. This would make sense seeing that the philosophy is to install Windows 8 on both tablets and PC’s. You

Geolocation Services may exist in Windows 8

The use of API’s that allow applications to detect a machine’s location (Geo-location) seems to have interested Microsoft. Code from the latest leaked build of Windows 8 seems to show that this may be a feature implemented