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Windows 10 Gets New Privacy Settings

A new preview version of Windows 10 went live today, build 17115. And although it brings nothing major in terms of new features, Microsoft has introduced new privacy settings for the OS. The company actually highlighted a

Microsoft Loves That You Love Windows 10 Privacy Improvements

For one reason or another, the Windows 10 privacy issues took the spotlight straight after the launch of Microsoft’s new operating system. This, despite assurances from the company. Assurances that it was only gathering telemetry data from

Video – Windows 8 RTM instructional cues

So I had spoken earlier about Microsoft including instructional cues on the screen during the Windows 8 RTM setup. Well, Paul Thurrott was kind enough to make a brief video showing exactly what those cues are. Also

Guide: Creating a USB Installer for Windows 8

In Windows 8, Microsoft brought some changes to the Windows setup. One of those was allowing the user to install Windows from a USB thumb drive rather than the traditional DVD.  For this Microsoft also released a

Should Windows 8 setup be Metrofied?

Microsoft has been seriously trying to Metrofy the Windows 8 experience. There have been  all along developmental changes in Windows 8 except a few places where there is either no changes or the changes are very minor.