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Steve Ballmer Plans To Hold Microsoft Stock For Ever

Let it go, eh? Nah, not happening. Steve Ballmer, the former Microsoft CEO, has made few headlines since he left the company, but whenever he gives an interview, it’s a bit of an event. After all, the

Bill Gates Just Sold 20 Million More Microsoft Shares

Just, as in between July 24 and July 30, this year. And with this new development, Microsoft’s cofounder now owns less than 300 million shares of the company for the first time in history. Bill Gates started

Microsoft Shares Hit 14-Year High Amid Office For iPad Rumors

One of the more bewildering phenomenon in computing technology was the sheer stagnancy of Microsoft shares well over a decade. But things are now finally looking on the up. Amid reports that Office for iPad is about

Microsoft Stock Has Been The Highest It Has Been For 13 Years

It is remarkable, the sort of effects a promise of change has on people. Sure, it is just the stock market, speculation and all, but Microsoft share prices skyrocketed recently. With news that we are getting closer

Microsoft Is Now Valued At $300 Billion

The good news just keeps on rolling! Microsoft is working hard at ensuring long term profitability, and the efforts seem to be paying off. It was just last week that Redmond revealed revenues of $18.5 billion. This

Microsoft Announces Dividend Increase, $40 Billion Stock Buyback

Time for some financial news! Microsoft shares have been a tad stagnant these past few months, and the company has just announced that it will be making some moves in order to give them a bit of

Nokia’s Share Price Up 35%, Microsoft Stock Down By 5%

Ah, the colorful world of stock trading! Just as expected, Nokia’s share prices have started to soar on the news that Microsoft will acquire the devices and services unit of the company for $7.17 billion. The deal

Microsoft Stock Surges Following News On Ballmer’s Retirement Plans

Steve Ballmer announced just a few minutes ago that he would be leaving Microsoft within the next 12 months, as soon as the company’s board finds a new successor to lead the technology titan. While the news

Tami Reller Sells 5,800 Microsoft Shares

Tami Reller, the former Windows boss that took the reins after the departure of Steven Sinofsky has now taken charge as the Executive Vice President of Marketing for Microsoft. And according to a recent report by American

Microsoft Share Prices At A Five-Year High, Ahead Of Windows 8.1 Anticipation

The news, views, rumors and gossip regarding Windows 8.1 and the next generation Surface tablets led to Microsoft shares to hitting a five-year high yesterday. Redmond is currently preparing for a flood of new products, which includes