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PC Holiday Shipments Rise For The First Time In 6 Years

Good news! For the first time in six years, things are looking up! PC shipments have been declining since 2011, but the 2017 holidays season brought good news for the longsuffering market. Signaling perhaps the winds of

PC Sales Go Down, Windows XP Blamed Once Again

The retirement of Windows XP is, once again, the talking point as PC shipments across the globe dropped by significant margins in the first quarter of 2015. Data published by IDC reveals that sales of computer hardware

Windows Phone Shipments Up, Market Share Down

Time for some fresh Windows Phone shipments and market share analysis. Microsoft’s mobile operating platform had a tough year, with fewer high profile smartphone releases than before. Just when the platform needed flagships to add to the

Windows Phone Share Expected To Dip Due To Lack Of Flagships

Let’s start the week with some talk about Microsoft’s mobile platform. The lack of flagship devices has started to affect Windows Phone share, with shipments likely to drop. No new flagship smartphones are planned for the start

Surface Pro 3 Sold Out (Almost) Everywhere

Surface Pro 3 sold out, now that’s a phrase you don’t hear all too often. Microsoft’s newest slate is a darn good tablet, it’s a darn good device, period. And it’s selling very well too. Redmond provided

Lenovo Confirms Sales Are Up Due To Windows XP Retirement

Windows XP retirement is at it again. Almost every other manufacturer has confirmed that Microsoft pulling the plug on the old operating system has had a positive effect on PC shipments. And Lenovo, the king of the

LCD Sales Also Up Thanks To Windows XP Retirement

Well, what do you know!? Probably the last technology item anyone expected to pick up in sales due to the Windows XP retirement is those good old monitors and display screens. You know, the LCD screens (and

Windows Phone Q2 Market Share Drops To Just 2.5%, IDC

IDC have just released their newest figures revealing the worldwide shipments of smartphones by operating systems for Q2 2014, and Windows Phone suffered both a dip in shipments and drop in market share. In other words, nothing

Mobile PC Market Dipped By 9.4 Percent In Q4 2013

There is a things called counting your blessings. Mobile PC makers probably are doing just that right now, as the latest facts and figures of global notebook shipments have just come out. Overall there is more sorrowful

AdDuplex Data Reveals Increased Windows Phone Sales In Q4

Since Nokia is currently the heart and soul of the Windows Phone platform, the fortunes of the mobile operating platform are largely linked with how the mobile phone maker performs. As the financial results made public last