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Surface Pro 3 Core i3 And i7 Models To Ship A Month Earlier

End of August. That is when Microsoft said they would be shipping the Core i3 and i7 powered models of the Surface Pro 3. But that was at launch, and it appears the company has streamlined production.

Microsoft Surface starting to (finally) ship to Germany, Canada and the UK

While the Microsoft Surface launch has gone rather smoothly in the United States, the same can’t be said for some international markets. Microsoft has apologized numerous times for delays in areas like the UK and even given

Microsoft Surface Tablets shipping in UK Despite Believed ‘Delays’

If you live in the UK and have already ordered a Microsoft Surface, you may receive it any time now. Apparently the tablet has started shipping now but had system errors that suggested the order might be

It looks like the Microsoft Surface has started shipping!

WPCentral is reporting that Microsoft seems to have started shipping the proprietary Windows 8 tablets. As you can see in the email above, “Rudy” had his or her credit card charged at time of shipment. Did you

Microsoft Surface 2.0 Multitouch devices have begun to ship

Samsung Electronics has begun to ship the first Samsung SUR40 Surface (”Surface 2″) devices. The “Surface 2.0″ debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show a year ago, in January 2011 and was supposed to ship before the end