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App Watch: Envvied

There is a fair selection of shopping apps available on the Windows Store, and most of them are from large retails and online stores. But if you are always on the lookout for some of the latest

App Watch: Staples

With all the recent Windows 8 app development fiascos from major companies (think Dropbox and Twitter), here is a refreshing, refreshing change — the official Staples app. One look at the app and you would agree that

HSN get an ass kicking from Microsoft and Acer

Umm wow. Seems like the Home Shopping Network jumped the gun regarding selling Windows 8 hardware before it’s available. Neowin reached out to Microsoft regarding the hardware and got this response: Unfortunately, HSN made this offer without

HSN attempted to sell Windows 8 devices this weekend

Did anyone buy a Windows 8 laptop or PC this weekend? I know, not until October 26th– unless you are the Home Shopping Network. Despite the official Windows 8 launch not coming until the end of the

My experience shopping for a Nokia Lumia 710 at T-Mobile stores

So as part of my informal research regarding the new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone line, I have been checking out T-mobile stores in my area trying to get a feel for how aggressively T-mobile is pushing these