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How To Right Click With Keyboard In Windows 10

Right click is one of the most important options built into Windows. When you press the right button on your mouse or touchpad on an item, the operating system lists additional options for that item. Usually as

Windows 8.1 Comes With More Than 600 Keyboard Shortcuts

There are some that believe that in going full touch on its operating systems, Microsoft might have put the desktop on the backburner. While it may seem like so on first look, the reality is quite different.

Latest Firmware Update Brings New Keyboard Shortcuts To Surface Tablets

The latest firmware update that Microsoft just rolled out for its Surface tablets on Patch Tuesday is one that should not be missed. In addition to several performance enhancements, it also introduced support for keyboard shortcuts. These

Microsoft Plans To Improve Surface Covers With Keyboard Shortcuts

The technology titan has recently confirmed that Windows Blue is going to come with a unique set of improvements to the company’s Surface lineup of tablets, but that is not all. Redmond is also planning some updates

Techrepublic offering PDF with 100 Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

TechRepublic’s Greg Shultz has compiled a set of 100 Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts that will help you more quickly and efficiently navigate Windows 8 and its new Metro User Interface. Some of the keyboard shortcuts found in

Microsoft release a MEGA list of Windows 8 shortcuts

Microsoft have released a list of shortcuts that can be used to “simplify” navigation around Windows 8. “If you’re not using touch, keyboard shortcuts are another super fast and easy way to get around Windows. In fact,

30 hot keys for Windows 8

Hotkeys in Windows 8 are shortcuts that allow you to perform several Operating System functions in a simple manner. Addictivetips have come up with 30 shortcuts/hotkeys for Windows 8. Here are the shortcuts/hotkeys for Windows 8. Win