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Another Microsoft Ad Takes It To Siri, Dot View Case Highlighted

Recall the Dot View case that HTC first bundled with the Android version of HTC One M8, and then brought to the Windows Phone flavor? Well, Microsoft is showcasing this in a new ad. Just like the

Cortana Siri Duel Continues, This Time On The iPhone 6 Plus

Microsoft has released a new Cortana Siri commercial, and this time the theater is two new handsets that offer these digital voice assistants. And the results are, once again, amusing. Titled “Bigger”, this is another short ad,

These Cortana Vs Siri Ads Are Running A Bit Thin Now

Apple is currently under fire on a few fronts including iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, but Microsoft is continuing the assault with new Cortana vs Siri ads. Two new ones, this time. The only problem is

Microsoft Takes Another Jab At Siri In New Cortana Commercial

There are a lot of other areas where Microsoft can talk down the iPhone, but the company is focusing on Siri, as this new Cortana commercial demonstrates. It’s all in good fun when technology companies poke fun

Strange New Lumia Ads Pick On Apple iPhone

Hmmm. Apple continues to talk smack about the Surface Pro 3, while Microsoft continues assault on the iPhone, this time with three strange new Lumia ads apparently destined for television screens. These commercials are meant to promote

Microsoft Rolls Out Hilarious Cortana Vs Siri Commercial

Being the underdog has its advantages. Microsoft have released a pretty neat Cortana vs Siri commercial that takes a jab at Apple, by comparing the iPhone with the HTC One M8 for Windows. Dubbed “Mirror, Mirror”, this

New Microsoft ad – Siri vs Cortana

Microsoft is focusing on Apple’s Siri digital assistant in one of the first Windows Phone 8.1 commercials. This is Microsoft’s first major effort to showcase Cortana at the expense of Apple’s Siri. The new commercial sees an

Apple’s mixed bag – the new iPhone 5 looks a little long in the tooth but is extremely powerful

New! Check out our iPhone 5 Picture gallery Today was Apple’s live (long awaited) press conference where they were widely expected to show off the iPhone 5. Tim Cook took the stage and talked about the expansion

Apple’s Siri is coming to Mercedes Benz vehicles…

Apple seem to be firing on absolutely all cylinders. is reporting that carmaker Mercedes-Benz has unveiled plans to integrate Apple’s Siri into its A-Class electronics system. The Siri integration will allow drivers access to their iPhone apps

The Future Of Voice, Touch, And Motion-Control In Windows 8

Recently, the iPhone 4S received tons of positive attention for one of its most impressive features, Siri. Apple’s new Siri technology allowed you to fully speak and have it converted to text message, navigate search engines through