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Report – Microsoft planning to scrap Windows 8 retail editions

This is interesting. If speculated reports are true, Microsoft may be scrapping the full retail editions of Windows 8. Microsoft usually sells upgrade, full, and OEM System Builder copies of its Windows software at retailers. Paul Thurrott

8 interesting points I noticed from Microsoft’s Windows 8 SKU announcement

Yesterday, in a flurry of announcements, Microsoft detailed the new name for Windows 8, the different versions of Windows 8 and the new name for WOA. In addition, today, Microsoft announced the new name for Windows Server

Windows 8 Update – Microsoft reveal final Windows 8 name and number of editions – 5

In a new blog post today on the Windows Team blog, Microsoft have finally shed light on both the final name for Windows 8 and what the different SKU’s for Windows will be. Let’s start with the

Microsoft confirm Windows 8 China edition

Recently, website gave us all a glimpse at a possible new SKU in Windows 8 titled China edition. It was suggested that this SKU was would only be  sold in China. Microsoft’s corporate vice president, and

Did HP Accidently Reveal The Names Of Windows 8 SKUs?

There has been much talk about SKUs in Windows 8. Why is that? First off, because early on there were some strong rumors that Windows 8 might only have one SKU. Then we’ve also heard the possibility