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OneDrive Blocked In China, Report

It had to eventually happen. When you block one thing, nothing stops a cycle from starting. But then again, it really is the easy way out, no wonder so many countries do one type of blocking or

The Cloud Storage Price War Begins, As Google Drive Gets A Massive Discount

You’ve got to hand it to Google. The search engine giant knows all the tricks in the book when it comes to barging in via free offerings or, in this case, ridiculous ones. Back in the good

Microsoft Officially Relaunches SkyDrive As OneDrive, First Commercial Released

Today’s the day, folks! Redmond has officially relaunched its cloud based storage service, with the name OneDrive, instead of SkyDrive as it was previously known. This is to settle the trademark dispute that recently took place in

The OneDrive Name Is Already In Use, More Legal Trouble For Microsoft?

There is something special about making the same mistake twice. Almost everyone tends to consciously avoid doing so, but it appears Microsoft may soon find itself in a bit of a legal tangle. So the story goes

SkyDrive Is Now Officially Renamed As OneDrive

If you have to do as high profile a rebranding as this, it is best to take care of it at the start of a brand new year. More so, if that year in of itself is

Metro File Manager Included With Windows 8.1 Preview Gets Detailed

File management within the Metro interface was arguably an area that could have used more polish in the vanilla version of Windows 8. Microsoft probably left the door open for third party developers to unleash their creativity.

Watch Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Preview Video

Only a few weeks remain before the public preview build of Windows 8.1 is unveiled at the BUILD developer conference later this month. Microsoft had promised plenty of details on the upcoming refresh of its operating system

Standalone SkyDrive Pro Client Released By Microsoft

Microsoft has recently introduced the SkyDrive Pro client for Windows. This shiny new freeware application allows Office users to easily and effortlessly sync their files. Basically it means that users of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 can now access

SkyDrive Gets New Photo Timeline Feature, Three Times Faster Uploads

Redmond recently announced that over 250 million people had signed up for its SkyDrive cloud data storage service. Now the company announced a bunch of new features and improvements that are set to be rolled out in

Full Resolution Photo And Video Backup Coming To Windows Phone 8 Worldwide

While Windows Phone 8 already provided users the ability to back up any photo or video taken by the smartphone to a SkyDrive account, users in only select few countries could do so until now. But now