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OneDrive Now Supports Files Over 10GB, Faster Syncs

The latest round of improvements to Microsoft’s cloud storage service, OneDrive, brings, what is probably the most requested feature. Support for large file uploads. The company has confirmed that 10GB is now the maximum size users can

Office 365 Subscribers Start Getting 1 TB Space On OneDrive

A gratifying moment for Microsoft, surely. The company has delivered on its promise of offering an amazing 1 TB of storage for each Office 365 Home and Personal customer. At no additional cost, of course. And the

OneDrive For Business Officially Launched

Rebranding a high profile service like SkyDrive is not the easiest task in the world, but after spending a few months on the process, Microsoft has done the job. OneDrive is the new name of the cloud

Microsoft Rolls Out Updated OneDrive For Business Client

One of the highlights of the past few weeks has been the final rebranding of SkyDrive to OneDrive. And as part of the rebranding process, Redmond has also renamed the SkyDrive Pro client. Now going by the

Week In Review (Feb 17 – Feb 21)

While Microsoft maintains its policy of absolute silence, things kicked up a gear in terms of leaked details, both for Windows 8.1 Update 1 and Windows Phone 8.1. In other news, the technology world is waiting for

Microsoft Officially Relaunches SkyDrive As OneDrive, First Commercial Released

Today’s the day, folks! Redmond has officially relaunched its cloud based storage service, with the name OneDrive, instead of SkyDrive as it was previously known. This is to settle the trademark dispute that recently took place in

OneDrive Launch Imminent, Microsoft Plans To Give Away 8GB Of Free Space

After the official confirmation that Microsoft’s cloud storage service would be renamed from SkyDrive to OneDrive, all eyes are on when the relaunch will happen, and whether it will include some new features. The answer to both

The OneDrive Name Is Already In Use, More Legal Trouble For Microsoft?

There is something special about making the same mistake twice. Almost everyone tends to consciously avoid doing so, but it appears Microsoft may soon find itself in a bit of a legal tangle. So the story goes

SkyDrive Is Now Officially Renamed As OneDrive

If you have to do as high profile a rebranding as this, it is best to take care of it at the start of a brand new year. More so, if that year in of itself is

SkyDrive Is Built Right Into The Core Of Windows 8.1, Says Microsoft

One of the more notable recent improvements to the Windows platform is the much deeper integration of SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service that allows users to access their files from any Internet connected device. Not only is