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The Intel Being At Fault For Surface Story Was Fabricated

It sure looks like that. Someone somewhere may have fabricated the Intel being at fault for the Surface issues story, juicy new detail of which have just been revealed. The Surface line is the center of attention

Intel Skylake Delayed, Notebook Market To Be Impacted

The thoughts of the Intel Skylake architecture quickly replacing the already delayed Broadwell models might have been entertaining, but it appears they were premature too. Intel, obviously, wanted to stick to its tick tock, fast cadence, even

Intel Skylake Processors Confirmed For Launch In 2015

Intel was one of the few companies that stole the show at the IFA 2014 in Berlin, and now it has confirmed that Intel Skylake processors will indeed launch next year. Which is to say that these

Intel will reportedly release both Broadwell and Skylake CPUs in early 2015

The technology industry has delivered a few shockers over the years, but this one ranks among the very best of the bunch. Intel’s recent CPU strategy has drawn a fair amount of criticism from several corners. And