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Lenovo must be kidding right?

So take a look at the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga. It’s being called the first Windows 8 Tablet.


Samsung provide Windows 8 support to Samsung Series 7 slate owners

Samsung have created a section on their website that will provide full Windows 8 Consumer Preview support for their Series 7 Slate. Of course it comes…


Windows 8 Tablet – Review: ExoPC Slate

Recently at we’ve made it our objective to cover all the latest, greatest, and in-between when it comes to tablets that run Windows. While many…


Windows 8 Tablet – Review: Motion Computing CL900

Here at we are highly dedicated to providing the latest news and reviews. With the Beta of Windows 8 just around the corner in February,…


HP Tries the Tablet Market Once Again With Windows 8

HP has had a very troubling tablet history. They bought Palm’s WebOS and then created the TouchPad, a tablet made for WebOS and then they killed…