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Nokia Admits Microsoft May Develop Its Own Windows Phone Device

A Windows Phone device has been long speculated, ever since the debut of Surface tablets. The hypothesis was further fueled five months back when Nokia CEO supported the idea of a Windows Phone device as a stimulant

RIM Introduce their New Z10 And Q10 Phones – I’m Not Sure That I’m Convinced

Research In Motion or RIM has officially announced its first new BlackBerry 10 devices: the Z10 and the Q10. The Z10 is arguably the company’s first contemporary smartphone. It runs on the company’s new operating system BlackBerry 10

Video Review – The Verge get a glimpse of the new BlackBerry Q10

The Verge have been able to get a video of the new Q10 devices from the company now called Blackberry (formerly known as RIM). The new device looks a lot more promising to me than the Z10

Samsung Launches the ATIV Odyssey on Verizon Wireless for $49.99

Verizon has just announced availability of the Samsung Ativ Odyssey, a 4-inch budget Windows Phone 8 handset, from January 24th at $49.99 with a two-year contract and after a $50 mail-in rebate. Samsung’s first Ativ phone in

Nokia Lays Off 300 Employees, Concludes Reorganization

Nokia announced yesterday it was laying off 300 employees as part of a massive restructuring announced in June last year. Another 820 employees are being transferred to HCL Technologies and TATA Consultancy Services for a total of

Windows Phone 8: Review of the Samsung Ativ S Smartphone

From the good folks at The Verge, here’s a great review of the Samsung Ativ S, running Windows Phone 8.  It has the same 4.8 inch display as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and a 1.9-megapixel forward facing camera.

Any Takers for the 6-inch Huawei Phablet?

The question asked by Adrian Covert of CNN Money is how big is too big?  We’ve all been treated to the 5-inch Samsung Note, which stretched the limits of smartphone size at 5 inches.  But even to

The Reason Why a Microsoft-Branded Phone WILL Come Soon

To my mind, the phone above represents the reason why a Microsoft-made phone running Windows Phone 8 will become available in 2013. Right now, Google’s Nexus 4 smartphone is sold out – unavailable. Apparently they cannot keep

Will the Google/Microsoft Cold War Kill Windows Phone 8?

Mutual disdain between two technology giants, Microsoft and Google has evolved into a full scale cold war in the smartphone and tablet arenas. This was perhaps inevitable, but the recent raft of ads by Microsoft deriding Google

Why I Believe We’ll See a Windows 8 Smartphone in 2013

First things first, the rendition of the Windows 8 Smartphone above is not an actual Microsoft product.  It comes from the fertile imagination of Jonas Daehnert, an industrial designer, who was inspired by the Surface. That being