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Full Microsoft Band Technical Specifications

Redmond made a splash late last night by introducing the Microsoft Band, its first foray into the wearables arena. The device is available right now for those living in the United States. Perhaps the biggest highlight of

Microsoft Band Wearable Goes Official, Retails For $199

All roads were leading to this, and now the software titan has unveiled its first wearable. Going by the name of Microsoft Band, the device is not purely a smartwatch as some had speculated. It is, however,

Cortana The Highlight In This Windows Watch Concept

Another new week, another new concept. This time we have a Windows watch concept that brings Cortana, the digital voice assistant on your wrists. Goes without saying that if Microsoft ever launches a smartwatch, Cortana is going

Week In Review (Oct 20 – Oct 24)

The momentum continues to shift towards Windows 10, with build 9860, the first ever refresh of the new operating system now out in public. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, meanwhile went on a bit of a press tour

Is This Our First Look At The Microsoft Smartwatch?

If it is, then it looks just as expected. A Microsoft smartwatch has been the talk of the town for years now, what with Redmond wasting no time to jump into the wearables arena. Last we heard,

Microsoft Smartwatch Coming In A Few Weeks

Well, a few weeks is as ambiguous a statement as any, but this one comes from a reliable source. A Microsoft smartwatch could be ready for action in the very near future. Shows that Redmond is getting

Care For A Windows 95 Powered Smartwatch?

There’s a thing called going retro. Pretty sure this is not it. An Android Wear user has successfully deployed Windows 95 on his device, and it looks rather nifty. Though not very practical in terms of functionality.

This Microsoft Smartwatch Concept Is The Best Yet

Amazing as it may sound but the Apple Watch has been greeted with low key reception. Then again, it’s not exactly out now. A Microsoft smartwatch, however, has been in the news for nearly as long. And

Microsoft OneNote Now Available On Smartwatches

If you need more proof just how important OneNote is for Microsoft, then look no further. The company has launched the productivity app on an entirely new form factor. Which is to say, the application is now

Patents Reveal New Fitness Features For Microsoft Smartwatch

Underwhelmed with what the Apple Watch offers? Then maybe you’ll be interested in what Redmond is planning. A Microsoft smartwatch has been in the news for years now. All rumors, mind you, nothing whatsoever officially confirmed. But