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Apple Said To Be Preparing Split-Screen Multitasking For iPad

Predictable. Expected. And welcome. Microsoft created a few ripples in the tablet scene a couple of years back when it debuted its Surface line of devices with a number of exclusive features. Exclusive, and innovative features. Prime

Snap View Mode In Windows 8.1 Brought Into The Spotlight By Microsoft

With Windows 8.1 out in the open, and increasing its user base, Microsoft may have slowed down its efforts of highlighting the features of the new operating system. But every now and then, the software titan brings

The 50-50 Snap View Mode Spotted In Windows 8.1 Build 9388

Word was hot a few months back that Microsoft was developing a brand new split screen mode for the Snap View feature in the upcoming Windows Blue. It was all chatter back then, without a visual confirmation.

Microsoft Said To Debut Split Screen Snap View In Windows 8.1

The Snap View is one of the more significant new features of Microsoft’s newest platform. And unsurprisingly, this is something Redmond is very keen on enhancing in the upcoming Windows 8.1. Reports emerged a few weeks back