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Microsoft Shuts Its Surface Support Twitter Account

But the Surface line isn’t going anywhere! Right? Not the most ideal news, but Microsoft has made the decision to close its Surface support Twitter account. And instead is pushing customers towards the Microsoft Support Twitter account

Microsoft Transfers The @Messenger Twitter Account To Facebook

The word Messenger has a new meaning! Microsoft’s Messenger service has been discontinued completely now, as the company focuses its communication efforts on the Skype platform. The final milestone was reached late last month when Redmond announced

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Reddit ReddHubV2

Here is an example of an unofficial third-party app done right. Well, apart from the name, anyway. Reddit ReddHubV2 is a redesigned application that brings Reddit to your Windows device seamlessly. You can browse the popular website

Windows 8.1 App Watch: SocialRadar

There are social apps, apps with social features built in, and then are apps that take the concept and turn the volume up to 11. SocialRadar is one such app, one such richly designed app. The name

You Can Now Search For Tweets And Hashtags On Bing

About time! Microsoft have just signed a new partnership deal with Twitter, and users can now search for Twitter accounts, tweets and hashtags straight from the Bing homepage. This is an exclusive partnership with the social network.

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Hashtagr

There is always more room for social apps on the Windows Store, more so if they are as unique as this. Billed as a hashtag search engine, Hashtagr is an app that supports several social networking sites.

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Tapatalk

Another official client has gone the full monty. Tapatalk actually launched on the Windows Store towards the end of February, but surprisingly, it only supported Windows RT 8.1. Which made it one of the very few, select

Facebook Messenger For Windows Will Be Shut Down On March 3

Say goodbye to another Facebook service. The social network has a demanding tendency to launch tools and then let them wither without much in terms of updates and feature enhancements. Now you can add another one to

Windows 8.1 App Watch: App Social

As the Microsoft Nokia deal nears finalization, the company has been releasing more and more apps on the Windows Store. Releasing, and in some cases, removing exclusivity. Several Nokia apps, up until now, were limited to the

Microsoft Invests In Foursquare To Enhance Location Based Data In Windows And Bing

Windows, Bing, individually, and then Bing on Windows are three of the biggest bets for Microsoft. And the company has made another widely expected move in order to enhance these products and services. The closeness between Foursquare