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Microsoft Fires Off Windows 7 End Of Support Warning

The Windows XP retirement has become a bit of a nightmare, not in terms of security per se, but how some governments and organizations are using that as a base to go the open source route. Countries

Microsoft Will Support Windows Phone 8.1 For 36 Months

What would the world of Microsoft be without calendars? With the amount of product launches and platforms reaching end of support, it is best to keep one nearby. Onto the platform of the moment, then. Redmond unleashed

When it comes to Windows 8 old guys need help!

Well, as an old guy in his late 70s, I need help from time to time and I’m not talking about health issues but about computers and the new Windows 8. Over the years I have gleaned a

Guest Post – Windows 8 Installation Glitches

This is a guest post by John Campbell Following the launch of Windows 8 I downloaded and installed Windows 8 on my computers. Both installations ran smoothly until I found I had two conflicting problems. The first

Staples makes a play for business Windows 8 support

New  from Mary Jo. Office supply store Staples has introduced a “Staples Worry-Free PC Promise,”. This is designed to help users, especially small businesses, ease into Windows 8 once it is available. The new plan, which builds

Microsoft finally ending mainstream support for Windows Vista

Microsoft plans to retire mainstream support for the much-maligned operating system – Windows Vista this week as well as for Office 2007. Microsoft said it would offer extended support for both systems until 2017, but is making

Microsoft Extends Consumer Support For Windows

Earlier this month, Microsoft revised it support policy for consumer versions of Windows. Haven’t heard about it? Nor has hardly anyone, as Microsoft didn’t exactly make a big deal or announcement regarding this change. So what does

Evaluating the ROI for deploying Windows 8 – Part 1

Windows 8 is coming next year and businesses need to start thinking about evaluating the Return On Investment (ROI) that they will get for moving to this new Operating System. This is the first in a series

Microsoft says "Get off Windows XP ASAP"

Microsoft have started to ring the bells for users who feel they can stay on Windows XP forever. Patch, general and security support for Windows XP will cease in 998 days. Announcing the end game, Stephen Rose,

Adios Windows Vista SP1

Starting on July 12th, Microsoft will no longer support Vista SP1. Vista SP2, on the other hand, will retain support. As a consequence of Windows Vista SP1 not being supported, it will no longer receive security updates making