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The Blue Screen Of Death Is Slowly Becoming A Thing Of The Past

Recall that dreaded feeling? Yup, the one caused by the Blue Screens of Death (BSOD) error screens that showed up as a result of problems on Windows workstations. Windows XP was particularly notorious for this, and is

Experts: Wait For Windows Blue Before Upgrading From Windows 7

Microsoft has been busy convincing users new and old to upgrade to the Windows 8 platform by showing off several of the new features of its latest operating system. But while the global market share of the

Windows 8 Users Launch Metro Apps 1.52 Times A Day On Average

Whichever side of the fence you are on, it is hard to deny that apps are the most prominent addition to the Windows platform in recent memory. Windows 8 lives and breathes these modern apps. In fact,

Windows Applications Crash Almost Two Times A Week On Average

Statistics sure do have a consoling, comforting and reassuring side to them. While the days of frequent program crashes are behind us, applications still do give up on users and crash every now and then. Every now

Here Is A List Of The Most Reliable Windows PCs Currently Available

It is not particularly easy classifying the most reliable Windows computers that are on the market right now, what with all the variables involved, but that is not stopping Soluto from trying. The research firm (and software

The App That Crashes The Most On Windows 8 Revealed

It just had to be it. In a report released by Soluto, the app that crashes the most on Microsoft’s latest OS is none other than its file manager. While Windows 8 was developed from the grounds