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Even Sony Is Now Copying Microsoft’s Modern UI

Either Microsoft is doing something right, or other companies are doing it wrong. Probably a bit of both. Sony is the newest technology titan that has outright copied the Modern UI. Or Metro, for the purists among

Microsoft Said To Be Investing Over $2 Billion On Windows Phone Makers In 2014

Keep calm and keep investing? That seems to be the play on the Windows Phone front for the year, as the latest gossip on the matter is that Redmond is ready to invest an eye watering $2.3

Week In Review (Jan 6 – Jan 10)

Missed this column? I know you did, I just feel it in my water! The end or start of years is rarely the time to do week in reviews, when the principal news usually has got something

Sony Confirms Windows Phone Interest, Aims For Record Sales In 2015

It is remarkable how big some companies (conglomerates, in this case) can get, and yet they are left so far behind in certain fields. Take Sony for instance, it has rarely ruled the mobile and telecommunication landscape,

Why The Windows Phone Platform Is A Perfect Fit For Sony

The buzz around the bees, the latest gossip is that Sony is planning to enter the Windows Phone market with its very own smartphone that is reportedly on track for a mid-2014 launch. Sure the news that

Unboxing – Sony Vaio Tap 11

So I had a few tablets, computers, phablets whatever sent to me to review and I am slowly getting to all of them now. The first one I am unboxing is the fabulous Sony Vaio Tap 11

New Windows hardware to review – The Asus Transformer Book T100, The Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro and The Sony Vaio Tap 11

OK, so I got some new hardware to review over the next few days since my company will be looking to buy Windows hardware. The units are: The Asus Transformer Book T100 The Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

Sony Announces Its First Windows 8 Tablet, The VAIO Tap 11

You could be forgiven for not know what IFA stands for. The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin was originally a radio exhibition, but has now become a consumer electronics trade fair. And an important one at that, considering the

Sony Introduces Vaio T15 Touch Ultrabook

Three PC Makers Suggest Their Windows 8 Sales Goals On Track

Recently Microsoft triumphantly proclaimed that they had managed to sell 40 million Windows 8 licenses, and that upgrades are looking to outpace Windows 7. At the same time, other analysts and insiders claim that the situation is