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Security Companies Start Urging Windows XP Users To Upgrade

The urge to upgrade is a funny one. Back in the good old days (yes, the all-or-nothing days) of computing in the 90s and 2000s, home and business consumers were all too eager to update and upgrade.

Malware Disguises Itself As Originating From Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit

There is no shortage of scams and other such malicious attempts that use Microsoft’s name to trick people into downloading infected files. Well, you can add another one to this repulsive list. Security firm Sophos sent out

Security Expert: Upgrading To Windows 8 Is Not A Bad Decision At All

Not a bad decision at all, you say? It’s a great decision. But security firm Sophos is very obviously talking from the safety perspective and Microsoft has undoubtedly put in a lot of effort to make its

All Versions Of Internet Explorer Set To Be Patched This Week

Eh, almost all versions, from Internet Explorer 6 to Internet Explorer 10. All these versions are suffering from a security flaw that makes Microsoft’s flagship browser vulnerable to drive-by attacks. The company has already announced this in

Windows No Longer Public Target Number One For Cybercriminals

The days when Windows was the top target of cybercriminals are behind us. Microsoft’s line of Windows operating systems had the infamous distinction of being the most attacked OS for what seems like eternity. Ever since the

New Autorun Virus Targets Windows 8

If you are still running an unpatched installation of the latest versions of Windows, you could potentially be at risk — high risk. A new form of malware has reared its ugly head, one that exploits a