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Microsoft Opens Transparency Center To Allow Governments Access To Source Code

Amid the fury and furor from the Chinese government that the newer versions of Windows came with a secret backdoor, Microsoft have now announced the opening of their first Transparency Center. The software titan already had a

Windows Leaker Sentenced To Three Months In Prison

Crime never pays, never has, never will. Remember Alex Kibkalo, the Microsoft leaker that made headlines a few months back after he was arrested for posting Windows builds online? It seems that a US court has finally

Microsoft Releases Source Code Of MS-DOS And Word For Windows

Keep your shirt on, people, it’s just the earliest versions! But a good gesture is a good gesture, and this is something that technology enthusiasts and nostalgic programmers will appreciate. Redmond announced that it is releasing the

Former Microsoft Programmer Arrested For Leaking Windows 8 Code

Surprising as it may sound, but when it comes to software, and well computing in general, code security is the biggest factor of developers and companies. After all, source code is everything. And while large enterprises have