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Windows Piracy Remains A Major Threat

Shiver me timbers! Microsoft has conducted its own investigation on the new PC market in Asia, and found that Windows piracy is quite a thing…

Week In Review

Week In Review (Sep 22 – Sep 26)

Excruciating is a word you don’t often hear in the context of computing technology, but the wait for Windows 9 is now a bit racking….


Microsoft Is A Greedy Company, Korean Media Thinks

Along with China and Russia, Microsoft is facing no small amount of trouble in South Korea. The country has outlined plans to move away from…


South Korea Plans To Switch To Open Source By 2020

South Korea has become the latest country to outline plans to move away from Microsoft software in the near future, and go for open source…


South Korean Officials Thinking About Replacing Windows XP With Ubuntu

Organizations around the globe are now busy planning their replacements for the aging and soon-to-be-retired Windows XP. And an overwhelming majority seems to be interested…


Bill Gates’ Casual Handshake Offends South Korean Officials

William Henry Gates III is the world’s most famous geek. Even when he is meeting highest-ranking government officials discussing nuclear power plant deals, Bill is…


Microsoft Locks Horns With South Korean Military Over Unlicensed Software

Redmond’s never-ending battle against piracy has taken it to South Korea, where it is now fighting the South Korean Ministry of National Defense over annual…


Microsoft Will Not Close Its Korean R&D Division, After All

Got to love quick and swift rebuttals! It seems like Microsoft will not shut down its South Korean R&D unit completely, instead it is just…


Microsoft Shuts Down R&D Office In South Korea

As part of the consolidation of its research and development efforts in Asia, Microsoft announced the decision to make a small change and close its…