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Microsoft Lumia 640 XL With Upgraded Hardware Incoming

Now this is something that you don’t see all that often. The Microsoft Lumia 640 XL phablet was officially unveiled last month at MWC 2015 in Barcelona, but an upgrade is on the cards. Microsoft, it appears,

Microsoft Lumia 940 Specifications Leak Out

That’s more like it! With Windows Phone focusing on midrange and budget devices, the platform has lost a bit of luster. The Microsoft Lumia 940, however, aims to set things straight. Some early specifications of the device

Full Microsoft Band Technical Specifications

Redmond made a splash late last night by introducing the Microsoft Band, its first foray into the wearables arena. The device is available right now for those living in the United States. Perhaps the biggest highlight of

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Full Specifications

Redmond also refreshed its pro tablet, and the updated Surface Pro 2 comes with several new changes that make the device a fair bit faster, just a tad lighter and much more power efficient. The heart of

Microsoft Surface 2 Full Specifications

Microsoft unleashed its second generation Windows RT tablet yesterday, and the refreshed version of Surface 2 is now a faster and lighter than its predecessors. The company has enhanced the technical capabilities of the slate by throwing

Intel release details about new Windows 8 tablet specs

Chip maker Intel revealed some specific hardware details about tablets running on Windows 8. Here are some of the salient points. Windows 8 tablets will be available in 10- and 11-inch designs. These tablets will have an

Windows 8: Can it Get Any Better Than This Newest Windows Operating System?

Last week, a slew of software designers and journalists in Anaheim, California were treated to a preview of Windows’ latest operating system – Windows 8. Many of these software designers and journalists, along with major news networks

Comparing the Features of Windows 8 and Apple’s iOS 5

After Microsoft’s Build Conference last week, those who were treated to test the newest Windows Operating System found that it can be closely compared to Apple’s grasp on the world of technology – mostly with tablets such